Hi. My name is Mona and I am the founder of Dwaralust.com. Here, I aim to share my worldview with you through writing.

Let me take this time to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a Lebanese Australian (or an Australian Lebanese – I’m still trying to figure it out) living in Sydney.

The ‘dwara’ in Dwaralust means ‘going out a lot’ – it is a Lebanese colloquialism that I have been regularly accused of by my family because I love wandering (mostly aimlessly) and exploring. I decided to name my business Dwaralust (wanderlust was taken) because you can wander through reading books – i.e., words can take you places.

I’m the perfect embodiment of a millennial that was fed a lot of myths about how things work when it comes to being successful in life.

I was an immaculate student growing up. I was competitive and possessive about my position as eternal valedictorian (I was a total nerd). I carried my glowing record with me into university. I graduated with a distinction average, and later with a Masters in Environmental Biotechnology and Microbiology and a first class Honors in English Literature – all from the University of New South Wales. Yes – I was there for so long that I became part of the furniture at that university.

I was told that that was what you needed to be successful in life. For my parents, that was how it worked. My dad had studied hard to be an engineer and my mum became a pharmacist. Like anyone, they’ve had their struggles in life but they never really struggled to find work.

I, on the other hand, struggled for years. I had a brief stint working as a research assistant in Lebanon. I had no such luck in Australia, and I believe I applied to over a hundred jobs. The dream was really dead. I was always a hard worker growing up, and as an adult, I was having no success whatsoever.

To put it into more perspective, you should know that I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2011. I didn’t land my first decent paying job until 2016. And that was a pure stroke of luck. In early 2016, my relative introduced me to some people he knew that needed a business analyst for an IT project.

I did not study to become a business analyst. When I started working as one, I wasn’t entirely sure what a business analyst even did. But I wasn’t going to turn the opportunity down. My inability to secure a job for all those years had me thinking all sorts of morbid thoughts that I knew better than to turn down an opportunity when it came my way.

So, I went ahead and learned all I could about the IT world. Within a year and a half,  I became the lead in several IT projects for the company I worked in and dabbled in most domains of the business (including marketing and sales)! I  found success in a domain that I never really thought I wanted to be a part of but I am not the only scientist that has faced this kind of scenario. Most of the friends I made during my masters days have pivoted in one way or another. One has become a schoolteacher, one has spent a few years doing odd jobs for her family, and one of my dearest friends decided to go back to university to study bioinformatics.

My journey to livelihood has been counterintuitive to everything that I was taught as a child. But nevertheless, I am fine now and for that, I am grateful. You may have read that I also studied Literature in university. Reading, writing, music and other art forms have been dear intimates since I was a young girl.

I had always enjoyed a vivid imagination and a love for writing. I have been telling anyone who will listen that I want to be an author one day. All throughout my twenties I had this dream tucked away in an unused drawer while I toiled to find a gig to sustain me.

Now, I am thirty one years old and have finally found that gig. I am working and enjoying a career that can be quite lucrative if I decide to dedicate myself to it. But since I love to write and I want to make a positive impact in this world, I have decided to embark on a writing journey in my free time. Hence, I started Dwaralust.com.

My goal is to make Dwaralust.com a space where I can engage the world with my views on the topics of the day. And if you have taken the time to read through my bio, I hope Dwaralust.com will have something of interest to you too.

If you’re interested in reading more of my writing, head to the blog, or go over to the services page to learn more about what I can do for you.