A couple of days ago, I came across the Modibodi video being banned by Facebook story, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the story. Modibodi is an Australian (women) owned business that specialises in active and intimate wear suitable during menstruation. I’ve heard good things about their products, although I haven’t used them, but I think the idea of finding sustainable and healthier options for period products is great!

They recently created a promotional video titled ‘The New Way to Period’ and Facebook initially banned the video from it’s pages. Apparently the representation of menstrual blood with a red coloured substance is offensive. A few days later, Facebook backtracked and the video has since been approved. It is not the first time period related content gets banned from social media – in 2015, Rupi Kaur was censored by Instagram for posting images of herself lying in bed with a couple of bloodstains. I find the whole thing to be a bit ludicrous, really.

Personally and on my online presence, I’m more of the modest types. I have my criticisms of people who tend to post too much of themselves – but that is a topic for another post. Furthermore, I think people should be able to post whatever they want, provided they aren’t harming others. So, I’m not the kind of person to post a bikini pic, or a period one, but I do find it bizarre that social media outlets will make room for right wing (low key neo Nazi) pundits, soft porn and violence on its platforms but often takes offence with menstrual blood.

After a quick search through some Facebook videos, one can say that the average Tarantino clip has more blood in it than the Modibodi ad. It seems like if I post a picture of white sheets with a patch of blood on it and say the blood is from a wound or injury that would be ok, but if I say (or insinuate) that the blood came from a vagina – much like most human beings – it would be problematic for social media outlets.

Women’s bodies have been used to sell pretty much everything. Social media is saturated with images that are sexual or violent in nature. So, why is menstrual blood such a problem?

*The blood in the feature image may or may not have come from a vagina, a pomegranate, or red nail polish.*