I’m writing the last Ramadan reflection for the year – as Ramadan is officially over (at the time of writing this).

I just wanted to write a quick word on generosity.

If you read my first post for the month of Ramadan, you may have learned that I did much of the cooking this year. I learned a little bit about generosity as a result of it.

I learned that generosity is not just about money about food. If I had to pinpoint one thing that I feel I gave a lot of to my family this Ramadan, it would definitely be time. And, to a lesser extent, energy. And of course, by energy, I mean physical and emotional energy.

I think that being generous with your time is no little thing. Generosity with money, in terms of charity and financial assistance to others is beautiful, but money flows. In a way, during our lifetime, money is infinite. It will come and go. But, our time is finite. The time we give will not come back to us. So, in a way, it really is a gift you give to others.

I don’t think I lost too much time cooking. Besides, I was preparing food for three people most days. But I know that there are individuals out there that prepare Iftar for ten people, or maybe even twenty people. In addition to the physical effort, sometimes cooking on that scale can be stressful. You want everyone to enjoy their meal and you want everyone to be happy come Iftar time. So, I salute those kind, generous people for their gifts and care.

I salute all the amazing people (mostly women, I’m going to guess) that spent hours away from spiritual practice and rest this Ramadan to prepare food for their families. I pray that time that you dedicated to your charges, while will not return to you, will come back to you in the form that your heart most desires.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell