Ramadan is upon us. And my, what a strange time it is for Ramadan to be upon us.

Ramadan is the name of a month in the Islamic (lunar) year. It is the month in which Muslims observe fasting from dawn until dusk.

I was a bit weary of Ramadan this year – I was worried that it would be a prison within a prison. Food, at times, is a real solace when you’re stuck at home all the time – and alas, that would cease to be an option for 30 days or so.

But, as usual, Ramadan brings with it Barakah (grace) and has been – so far – light, easy and peaceful. My mood and the moods of those around me are substantially lifted. We gather around the Iftar table with gratitude and good spirits. We try our best everyday.

I don’t have particularly fancy goals this year for Ramadan. As usual, I want to read as much Quran as possible and spend time in reflection, meditation, and spiritual pondering. I don’t know if I will have the time to do all of those things, but I’ll try.

I will also spend a substantial amount of time cooking this year. A lot of this has fallen to me this year – but luckily, I enjoy cooking! I particularly enjoy making soup – which is a staple of Iftars – it must be present on a daily basis.

I really hope that this Ramadan will bring more grace and ease – to everyone. It’s been a hard few months for many. But, something I’ve learnt recently, and as mentioned in the Quran in 94:5, is that,

‘With hardship, comes ease.’

Up until recently, I was entering into a time of financial difficulty on a personal level. Being broke AF is not a nice feeling. And contrary to what many would say, sometimes no amount of an abundance mindset or manifestation can change that. But within the first day of Ramadan, the difficulty was substantially eased.

The truth is, life is not really roses. We will go through periods of immense difficulty. We will suffer. We will become destitute. We will rage and we will lose the things, and people, that we love the most. Time and again. But, all of these hardships, all the phases of suffering, challenge and loss, are temporary. And, that, is something to hold onto.

This time, is one of those times. For some, it is merely a time of intense restraint. For others, it is a time of loss, bankruptcy, loneliness, poverty and grieving. But, while I can’t identify with every person’s experience, and while I am fully aware that I am privileged and others are really doing it tough, I do know that this time will not last forever. And, that is all we know. We don’t know how things will be after, or if they’ll go back to normal – but we know that this time, will not last forever. And that is grace within itself.