How I came by the book

I ordered Everything is Figureoutable from Gleebooks a few months before I was able to get my hands on it. I made the order around August and then I left Australia and did not get back til November.

When I received the email that the book had arrived, I asked my sister to collect the book for me, which she did. So it was waiting for me when I got back to Sydney!


What a read! I think that this is probably the most pleasant and entertaining self-help book I’ve ever read (and I’ve read my fair share of those, believe me)! It contains many nuggets of wisdom and uplifting stories that serve as kind kicks to the butt (this is a thing). At its core it delivers a message (although raw at times) of hope and tenacity in the face whatever hardships an individual or collective may be faced with.


Everything is Figureoutable contains many mini stories (they are called ‘Figureoutable Field Notes’ in the book) from Marie’s own life or lives of people who overcame grave obstacles using ‘the figureoutable philosophy’ – as she likes to call it. There isn’t an elaborate plot to the book but the snippets of stories in the book provide context and evidence to her argument that everything is, in fact, figureoutable.

Personally, I found the stories to be particularly potent and powerful, especially a story about a woman that managed to get her family business back into the black while she battled breast cancer.

These tales of determination in other people can often be the antidote to the self-pity and doubt that we may tend to wallow in for longer than we need to. And I found a lot of encouragement (personally) in reading them.


Marie is the main character in this book. But then so is the reader. So are all the people from the ‘figureoutable field notes’ and all the folks Marie has quoted in her book.

Pop Culture and Themes

All of the themes in the book are uplifting, even though it gets candid with the facts of life (death, loss, illness etc). The main themes are – once again – hope, determination, grit, and courage.

I really enjoyed the book and I think it’s a book that I’d like to read once a year just to give me that kind kick in the butt that I might need every so often.

I’m including one line from the book that resonated with me here even though there are so many lines that I would quote (italics from original quote, bolding is mine):

‘You never get stronger if you only do easy things. I didn’t want fear to calcify my bones. I refuse to energetically shrink down into a smaller, less capable me. Just because I made a mistake and messed up didn’t mean I was going to give up.’

I give Everything is Figureoutable 9/10 and recommend it to everyone!